Z Talk Live 2-22-10 Vince Wilson

Posted by Z Talk Live on Monday, 22 of February , 2010 at 10:51 pm

Scotty and Joel Talk with Vince Wilson ——Author and paranormal investigator Vince Wilson presents a experience you won’t soon forget!

Are you a new ghost hunter interested in learning the latest techniques? Are you an investigator of the paranormal with year’s of experience? Here is a place where you can truly test you skills!

You will need to test your courage as well! The Haunted Cottage is best known locally as the Booth House. Why? Because it the family home of one of America’s most hated villains – John Wilkes Booth! Learn the long and complicated history of paranormal research at the Paranormal History Museum and then research even more information from the National Paranormal Library!

The Haunted Cottage is in one of America’s most historically significant locations! Harper’s Ferry is considered the location where the “War Between the States” began!

Many strange things have been reported in this house. Apparitions and unaccountable noises are just two of the phenomena that people have experienced there!

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